Honor Cords: The Comprehensive Guide October 06 2022

Honor Cords: The Comprehensive Guide Where do I buy honor cords for graduation? You can immediately begin shopping for graduation cords (honor cords) on our website, where we can ship you single, doubled, and even tripled honor cords. We have many colors to offer, from gold honor cords to rainbow honor cords. For your graduation or celebratory event, you can double up different color cords, like red and white, or...

Graduation Cords for December Graduation November 06 2018

Official Graduation Honor Cords for your December Graduation-No Minimum -Same Day Shipping-Order Today! Expedited Shipping available on all our honor cords. This is an exciting time of year with the holidays quickly approaching but it is also exciting because some are graduation from their colleges or universities.  Below is a list of degree programs and the colors of honor cords that they use.  If you have any questions please don't...

List of Honor Cord Colors for different clubs and groups November 25 2014

List of collegiate honor societies and the color of their cords (Mostly taken from The Association of College Honor Societies) Honor Society Color (S-Stole, M-Medallion) Alpha Beta Gamma S - Sapphire Blue (Adviser, Gold) Honor Cords Alpha Chi Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue Honor Cords Alpha Delta Mu Alpha Epsilon Honor Gold or Blue and Green Honor Cords Alpha Epsilon Delta Red and Violet Honor Cords Alpha Gamma Sigma Double...
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