Honor Cords: The Comprehensive Guide

Honor Cords: The Comprehensive Guide

Where do I buy honor cords for graduation?

You can immediately begin shopping for graduation cords (honor cords) on our website, where we can ship you single, doubled, and even tripled honor cords. We have many colors to offer, from gold honor cords to rainbow honor cords. For your graduation or celebratory event, you can double up different color cords, like red and white, or order intertwined cords with different colors like our red, white, and blue honor cords . There are many other creative uses for honor cords as well, some even being given as commemoration for donations to causes, or as adornments and decoration for holidays.

Why do we use honor cords? What is an honor cord?

An honor cord is a weaved rope with tassels at the ends. As universities were established in Europe around the 12th century, a gown or robe was standard attire for doctors and clergy as they studied and went about school life. As they finished their studies, they added to their attire a cap, sometimes with a tassel, to commemorate their ascendance in education to becoming a doctor or other professional. Honor cords likewise celebrate graduating students’ achievements as they are handed a diploma or have earned a degree, and can be adorned to symbolize the students' honors. These traditions of cap, gown, tassels, and honor cords have continued since then as a way to bring festivity to special occasions we want to celebrate and recognize. [

What cords do I buy?

Honor cords can come in various colors to symbolize their meaning for a field of study, an affiliation with an honor society, or otherwise identify the student with the university, school, or credential they have achieved. A simple list of colors of honor cords and their meanings can be found here: https://www.honorcordsource.com/blogs/news/15745664-list-of-honor-cord-colors-for-different-clubs-and-groups

What do double cords mean? Or what does the number of honor cords symbolize?

At times, the number of cords could be given to a student to represent their grades. For example, a university might award a student one or more gold honor cords and say that student has graduated “cum laude” (one cord, meaning "with praise or with honor," usually corresponding to at least a 3.5 GPA), “magna cum laude” (two cords, meaning “with great honor,” usually corresponding to at least a 3.75 GPA), or even “summa cum laude” (three cords, meaning “with highest honor”, usually corresponding to a 3.9 GPA or higher).

How to get honor cords?

Regardless of the event for which you particularly need your honor cord, we have dozens of colors and can ship them right to you, whether you need to buy honor cords in bulk, or just buy a single one. For example, you may need black/gold intertwined honor cords, or maybe your national honor society wants you to get blue and gold honor cords doubled together. Find your cords here: https://www.honorcordsource.com/

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